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A small but vocal group of the conservative movement, including some influential members of the movement’s intellectual leaders, now support the concept that the Islamic State is a violent Islamist extremist group bent on destroying America. In particular, they believe — or at least claim to believe — that the Islamic State is a creation of the United States.

It seems not to occur to these “reformers” that the Islamic State has been fighting against the forces of chaos since it began. The jihadis have been waging jihad not against the West but against their own people’s governments over centuries. The West has, over centuries of brutal subjugation, made a conscious choice to turn its back on the people of the region and to seek shelter in a land which is an enemy to the jihadis’ cause.

There are only two reasons that this has continued. The first is that the West has a habit of abandoning its friends and allies in the Middle East on short notice. The second is that the West has always been wary of allowing one of its own to fight its enemies or turn its back on them. The fact that the Islamic State is an enemy does not in and of itself make it a terrorist attack, which is what would make people in the media so hysterical.

The problem of the Islamic State is one of its own making. Although the “rebels” and “moderates” of the Sunni Arab world in the face of ISIS were all initially supported by al Qaeda, it now seems as if the West has abandoned the Muslims of the Islamic world who have been waging jihad against its corrupt regimes for a while. Why would the US support Saudi Arabia or Jordan, when the Saudis and the Jordanians are also aiding and abetting ISIS? What purpose could any of them serve? Why will anyone else do the same in the future?

Of course, the answer to those questions should not stop anyone from asking. But it is a question that should be asked with far greater attention and understanding than it has been given. Most people are too focused on getting rid of Obamacare to see that this is happening right under their noses.

In order to understand what is happening, it is important to go back to our understanding of who the Islamic State is.

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The Islamic State is actually a combination of two disparate entities: (1) an Islamic State that is an offshoot of Islam itself (which means

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