What the Bible says about divorce?

“And if a man divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce from the law, and she shall be his wife again; the two shall be a marital pair forever”. Here is an excerpt that tells you the Bible’s views on divorce: “If a man divorces his wife for any reason, except sexual immorality, what she did while he was her husband is not her problem. … If their marriage contract is dissolved or has already been dissolved, the husband and wife are like children. If they do not agree to annul their contract they need not appeal to the State.” A.M. Simpson, Wife-Dissolution vs. Intimacy: “The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, says a wife is the property of her husband, and that is the very thing the legislature intended: if she is not in his custody, it is his duty to take her away. Why must you accept a wife that lives according to the law, that is, under your control and guardianship, when she cannot get away under any other circumstances? If the husband or wives wants divorce, it is their right. If they do not want divorce, it seems they may as well go on living.” In short, divorce laws are the expression of a biblical worldview with biblical views on divorce and the sanctity of marriage. But divorce laws should not be viewed as being in conflict with biblical beliefs on marriage. What about other issues such as birth control and divorce? Some Christian ministers are proposing that the Bible forbids birth control as well as legal abortion. This may make sense to some people. But it is incorrect. The Bible clearly tells us that a man and a woman are equal in essence and in glory. God created woman and man in his image to be His “spiritual mates. But the Bible never mentions birth control. In fact, it says that God, “has no pleasure in the death of the flesh.” (Rom 6:14). So, we see that the concept that one’s sexuality is a disease or a disorder—that is contrary to the very idea of sex being God’s very nature—does not exist in the Bible. There are numerous other examples of Biblical teachings that can be used to prove that the Bible can be used to provide clear guidelines about marriage. When you can read the Bible, see what it says, then you will see that the biblical view on marriages is clear and that the relationship should be based on mutual consent. That’s it. The marriage agreement is not