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This is what it looked like when the Seahawks gave up a 20-0 lead that was all but assured the following week against the Arizona Cardinals.

We all recall the heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks from Week 9. It was a home loss, but it was the first time the Seahawks had gone on the road since 2014 and first time they had been able to win the second half at that spot since 2008.

There’s still a lot of history between Seattle and Arizona, especially coming into this game.

But this game has some things that won’t matter against the Packers. They are going to win. The Seahawks are going to beat this team. If they have to get to the playoffs, they have the best chance to ever do it. It could well come down to one big play. One single play that could swing the score in a Super Bowl.

That play is Aaron Rodgers doing what he does best, making the most of his opportunities. He’s done that over a lot of seasons now, including all but the two seasons under the new coaching regime as he’s the Packers quarterback.

If you look through Rodgers’ games in the last three seasons, the numbers are in line with who the NFL thought he should be playing in those years.

He should be a top-10 quarterback if not the best quarterback in football, but he hasn’t been playing like that.

The Packers are the best team in the NFL, and they are still a work in progress. For the first time in years, they have the potential to go 11-5 after a 10-win season.

But Rodgers’ year still has Rodgers doing things he hasn’t done previously, a sign that he’s finally getting a little rest from all the pounding.

This is going to be a great game. Rodgers is going to have to continue to find a way to generate more than the normal amount of yardage. The defense is in trouble, but it’s easy to ignore just how badly they’ve been flirting with disaster all year long because of Rodgers.

They have a couple of turnovers to correct in this game. If they can get a takeaway on any of the three chances they give up, their defense could get a boost.

If it doesn’t, the Packers could potentially be in trouble against the defense they’ll have in the playoffs.
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This game should have a little bit of intrigue to it in how well it goes. The Packers have a great defense, but

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