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Where did they come from? Did they give some people a sense of self through what was meant to represent them? Or did they just have a fun and unique appearance? We talk with Dr Lisa Bowers about why tattoos are important and why many kids have a hard time finding a place to live and what they find so offensive when tattoos are shown.

What’s the most offensive object or symbol you’ve ever seen on your own skin?

I’m not sure why people would be so offended by anything I’m wearing (I don’t wear the necklace!). I can’t think of anything with more potential for offence than a woman with two nipples.

What’s your least offensive tattoo?

I’m always amused at people who think tattoos are somehow disgusting.

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What’s your favourite tattoo?

My favourite tattoo is obviously, the one with my name on it. It makes me happy.

What makes someone’s skin different from yours?

Well, it depends on them, but for example, I have my own way of expressing my own opinions. I don’t look down on anyone with a tattoo, and I certainly don’t think any one is more valuable than any other. I love those who do it for the fun of it and to express themselves so freely and so honestly. There is a fine line and it’s easy to cross, but if your skin is the same colour as mine (which is blue), what could possibly make you more valuable than me? You can’t help but be influenced by what the outside world thinks but I believe one must be open to being loved just as much as the next person. A tattoo, like a new car, is not a right or wrong and it doesn’t have to be respected (unless one wants it to). A tattoo does not need to have the right shape of a tattoo to make it meaningful and I love people who wear their tattoos with pride.

What’s your favourite thing to do at home these days?

We are so blessed to have friends and family who love us and help us make good choices in our lives. It is the easiest way to stay strong. I used to think I could never be happy in that sense after the death of my grandfather. I was trying so hard to fit in with all those kids and they weren’t going to like me. I did my best, but it didn’t even last a week. I never stopped loving everyone and would give anything to spend more time with them. I know now

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