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This was all so strange to me. But it made me think of two things. One was that our culture calls tattoos when we do physical pain or when we are injured. But our language in our culture does not really name tattoos as such.

Another thing that made me think of, was that I was talking about soldiers and war. But I also mentioned to him that this is not restricted only to the military. We also have a language of war.

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It is called the Korean war that happened in the Korean peninsula. And this is the language that is used in the military. It has been used for decades now. But also in many ways, we still use this war language. We call something like a “stupid man” and a “sick man”. That is when in order to hurt someone, you don’t need to put much effort on it.

That is what I think when I’m talking to Taeha.

I think that Taeha and I have a good friendship. It’s just that I really don’t want to say that word, “friendship”, to him. But, I’m actually quite glad that I have some friends!

The US Senate is set to consider a tax bill that would massively cut the corporate tax rate to 20% and reduce the rate for people making more than $1 million a year to 25%.

The bill would slash the tax rate for top earners from 39.6% to 15%.

The proposal comes as the US has taken the lead on imposing a 35 per cent tax on companies that move their profits out of the country.

The UK and France have been ahead of the US in pushing for a corporate tax rate of 25%, and the US is planning to go one step further and cut the rate for the wealthy.

In response, the Republican Party is pushing a tax reform package that includes the plan to cut corporate tax rates to 20% and impose a tax on those who have been living off of earnings over $1 million a year.

“What we’re talking about is giving middle income taxpayers the biggest break that we’ve ever seen in this country,” House Ways & Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) told reporters this week.

“You look at the numbers, the tax reform package that we have in front of us, for small business, is a $2,000 bonus – $2,700 in the case of small businesses. I don’t know that my constituents

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