Can a tattoo be surgically removed?

Yes, most tattooing procedures for women are covered under Medicare or VA insurance and therefore covered by most health insurance coverage. This includes:

General tattooing and body piercing

Vaginoplasty surgery (also called “body piercing” for body piercing) for women

Uterine implants or “pregnancy implants”

Luteal phase induction (luteal phase, or the time between the start of a menstrual cycle and conception, is when a woman’s body naturally releases menstrual fluid. Luteal phase induction can occur at any time between the ages of 20 and 29, depending on age, and most women’s menstrual cycles begin once they are in their 30s – approximately 4 or 5 years before becoming pregnant.)

What type of tattoos can I have?

Currently, there is no specific type of tattoo that is considered cosmetic in nature. However, you can have “nude” inks on your skin: for example, on your nipples or in your back. Most doctors and midwives agree that tattoos are not medically necessary (unless a woman has a life-threatening and irreversible condition, she may not be allowed to have tattoos without a special license). Therefore, a tattoo can be a positive “self-improvement” for all of us. It also can mean a lot to the women!

What is breast self-piercing?

Belly-dancing (which means bending backwards to dance, so the breast part does not come off), belly dancing, or breast self-piercing is an art. Each dance involves varying angles, but in all cases it is a dance with your breast and/or nipples. In the simplest case with belly dancing, the dance is done in front of you, and from the side, or side-ward, but there are also variations. In essence, you are holding onto something called a “belly-cage”, and you move, twist, and turn, without using much energy. If you were in the “side” of the ballroom, instead of dancing around the room like everyone else, you would be moving with the music that was being played. With belly dancing all you do is “float”. You float like a dancer in a ballroom.

How many tattoos are recommended for a woman to get?

The most common recommendation from professional tattooing doctors is for women to have about 5 to 10 tattoos. This is because some people think that getting an “instant” tattoo