Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Facial Tattoo Removal Before And After

Yes, in certain special circumstances. In some cases, an ouster or removal may be necessary at the tattooist’s discretion, but removal of the entire surface of a tattoo (e.g., by laser) is not considered a necessary procedure. An ouster may be necessary if there has been recent loss of blood circulation, or if the patient has recently recovered from a stroke (in patients receiving continuous blood flow) or from blood clots (if there are no signs of clotting).[4,5] Some tattoo techniques, including tattooing with needles or using heated skin, leave a permanent scar. The surgeon should explain all the risk and benefits of a permanent tattoo removal, such as permanence and the risks of scarring.[1,6–9]

Can a permanent tattoo be removed?

A permanent tattoo may, if necessary, be removed through either surgical evacuation (to prevent the tattoo from forming) or surgical excision (a type of removal that involves removal of the ink), and it may be necessary to use a temporary tattoo.[1,4]

What types of permanent tattoos can be done?

There are four main kinds of permanent tattoos (the four major categories): body art, body decoration, body modification, and tattoos. Tattooing is the process of permanently creating, decorating, or manipulating one’s body, either as a personal symbol or as a way to express emotions, such as love, anger, disgust and fear.[9][10][11] A permanent tattoo on a person’s body is one that is not permanent, has a permanent nature, and will last beyond the wearer’s lifetime; even “a permanent” tattoo on someone’s body may appear permanent after removal.[12]

A tattoo that is temporary, like a permanent tattoo, has an indelibility and can be taken off but it will still be visible (in addition to a permanent tattoo). Some permanent tattoos are permanently permanent (such as a permanent tattoo on the skin), however, and cannot be removed permanently.[13]

What types of bodies can be tattooed?

Tattoos may be done on:

The skin of a person’s face;

The skin of an animal;

The skin of an animal’s body parts;

The head and the back of a person’s neck;

The chest and body of a person;

The torso and belly of a person;

The back of an animal;

The forehead

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