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Yes, for safety reasons, tattoos are not always removed. However, the main concern around tattoos is that they are difficult to look after in the time you’re not able to work. With the current cost of plastic materials in Australia and the lack of awareness of how many people are going to have the same ink on their arms, it is difficult to work around when someone has a scar or burn on their body.

How will you pay for the tattoo removal? Will I pay for an escort?

You will need to know a little about the costs and how you are going to manage this. You are not covered by Medicare in this situation and there is no cost to you as the tattooist is being paid for both the removal of the tattoo and the time and effort that it takes to get the tattoo removed and then put on a new tattoo – for the person whose tattoo is removed.

Do you remove tattoos for people who are elderly or people with other health conditions?

I have not heard of any people having a tattoo removed for health reasons. It has to be your own judgement that you decide how you want to manage this. If you decide that the time is important and you find you do not want to get another tattoo in the near future, it makes sense, but there should be no pressure on people to get another tattoo just because you don’t want to do this treatment yourself. If you have a tattoo that you are not proud of and want to get covered up, there is no reason why people should get the tattoo removed for you or anybody else. When deciding what tattoo to remove, it is important to remember that you aren’t going to be responsible for any costs related to it.

I have received a warning from my local police station that someone may have the tattoo removed, does this mean that it is legal?

It depends on which police station you contacted. The tattoo removal is a discretionary step. Generally speaking, police will not go to the media or the person who has sent you the police report to request the removal of the tattoo. If you’ve been threatened with a police visit, don’t be surprised if you are told by police that you have to pay to have it removed – this is how the law works in Australia, so don’t let it prevent you from having this done.

I have a tattoo of a character from popular media, does that mean that it is legal?

Yes, it is considered common sense and can provide a great boost to

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