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This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

For decades, Canada has lagged behind other developed countries for its commitment to the world’s poorest nations.

A new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released today lays out a framework for a new, world-class approach to international development that recognizes the key role of the private sector in solving poverty and the challenges faced by rural, indigenous and indigenous peoples.

“We must change how we think about development, so that it becomes a global issue,” said Robert Chote, CCPA Canada director of policy and research. “We must stop looking at it as a sector. We need to rethink how we think of development. When we do that, we’re actually bringing the world’s poorest into the 21st century.”

The report by the CCPA assesses the status of Canadian development policies over the course of the last decade, and describes Canada’s current approach to international development.

Key findings include:

Canada’s poverty reduction plan has significantly fallen behind its peers in the G20.

Poor people in Canada are much more reliant on social safety net programs than most other people in the world.

At present, Canada has only the eighth-largest budget in the G20 for public spending on economic development.

The poorest five per cent of the working population will lose an average of $33 and 19 dollars per month by 2030, while the richest five per cent will gain the equivalent of a gain of $1,300 and 42 dollars a month.

The poorest five per cent of Canadian households received less than $1,000 in income support per month last year.

The study identifies five measures that Canada must implement to meet its international development requirements. This is a major challenge as well as a significant opportunity for policymakers.

The CCPA’s report proposes that Canada develop a coherent and sustainable development approach that emphasizes small-holder and women-owned businesses (B2B) projects, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, and sustainable water management.
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The report also proposes:

A new, international development agenda to focus on the needs of both small- and large institutions, rather than only the former.

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