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Can you remove red ink?

Can you remove blue ink?

What is green?

Ink Removal Techniques

The removal of all forms of yellow, ink and red paint from your vehicle, from inside your headlights, from the body of your vehicle, can be done by a special wax or waxed-lamp. If you do not wish to use a waxed-lamp then a yellow spray-treater is recommended. It can be bought from the automotive sections of any auto parts store. There is also a lot of information online on how to remove yellow, ink and red paint (as well as red and blue on the inside side of your headlights). We highly recommend, as a first step, that you contact your local paint shop for further guidance on this matter.

How can I determine the type of paint I will be dealing with?

When you remove the tint from your car, be sure to check to make sure that all metal parts are clear on every side, and on the interior of every vehicle. If only a thin coating of paint is present it may be possible that you will be dealing with a clear coat. But you should also check to make sure a darker coat is still present on the paint.

Can you remove all metal parts?

It’s always best to check the interior to make sure that you aren’t getting a clear coat.

Is the paint clear or is it clear red?

If it is clear, if no rust is present on each side of the vehicle then this means that the entire exterior of the vehicle is clear of any white paint. However, if you find any small areas of silver paint or white paint, you should be concerned. If you’re interested in a complete gloss coating, then be aware that you may want to add an extra coat of clear topcoat over the finish applied at home.

What is metallic paint?

This refers to white, metallic, painted, painted metal.

How can I know if the paint is clear or not clear?

Check outside of the headlight unit and inside the headlights (see images of how to change headlight color), if there is a bright light coming from behind or above the vehicle. If the light is brighter then you probably are looking at a clear tint.

How can I remove all the chrome on my car?

There are several methods that can be used to achieve this goal and these will depend on the

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