Do tattoo removal creams really work? – Think Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews

It all depends on what’s involved, and, as a rule, some people want to leave their tattoos behind. Others aren’t so good at staying out of the way—or, if they do keep that tattoo, it’s generally the most painful of them all. (This is the downside of using expensive, mass-produced creams.)

That said, tattoo removal can improve the skin, especially when it comes to scarring, and it can even make the scars fade. (The best, and potentially the only, way to get rid of all scars is to tattoo them.)

So, what can you expect from a reputable tattoo removal service?

The most common method, which is what you’ll hear most often in the tattoo removal world, is tattoo removal with a topical creme. These come in a dozen or so varieties: from creams in gel bottles to creams in gel bottles. (In the US, brands like Nivea-Kellogg’s and Procter & Gamble are the leaders; in India, Avon sells its own brand.)

All of these procedures remove the tattoo in one go, like some kind of blood thinner. But tattoo removal with a topical creme takes longer than tattoo removal with a gel, but more often heals perfectly. It also has fewer side effects. Both creams and creams in gel bottles have ingredients that are irritating. These, along with the fact that a topical creme has less drying time, can help explain why, on an individual basis, people get better results with cream or gel than they do with one or more of the creams themselves.

What about the results of a topical tattoo removal with a local anesthetic?

The biggest downside to a local anesthetic is the amount of time that it takes for the tattoo to go away. This can sometimes turn into days or weeks, particularly for the more sensitive. If you happen to get a tattoo that’s just starting, the anesthetic usually just wears off within a couple of hours and, if it does not work, you just do the tattoo again.

But the local anesthetic has its own pitfalls, too, as you see below. So while you may not do a local anesthetic yourself, there are lots of other good options available.

Doesn’t a good wax mean you’re getting a pretty little piece of art?

Not necessarily. There are many advantages to waxing, as well as many drawbacks. Waxing does

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