Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal? – Tattoo Darker After Laser

Yes, this tattoo removal course is for everyone, regardless of age, tattoo removal is a legal procedure. The licensed facility is able to provide this course to every client who needs it.

Have you ever heard or read that using tattoo removal has caused infections?

In most instances, this is not true.

Most often tattoo removal is simply cosmetic surgery, such as laser or hydrogel procedure, to address damage from previous tattooing, or to repair skin that is worn down. Tattoo removal is not a risk factor for developing scarring, especially at the younger age group.

What if my current tattoo is gone, and you need tattoo removal?

We specialize in creating and maintaining high-end body piercing, custom piercing, and tattoo removal services for clients whose piercings are not ready for removal (such as permanent and partial body piercings).

My tattoo is very old and requires removal. What do I do?

Your most urgent concern is ensuring that the tattoo removal procedure is the best available, as tattoo removal is cosmetic surgery and may have side effects or complications.

The removal of a tattoo is an outpatient procedure. You are asked to come in and visit our clinic for a consultation. This will include discussing your tattoo removal options. After your consultation, the decision on tattoo removal can be made by you.

The results of your tattoo removal appointment will be mailed to you after a consultation, and you will be contacted shortly thereafter with the results of the tattoo removal procedure.

I am a patient of yours. I am looking for a tattoo removal service to be performed before my tattoo is removed. Do you have any recommendations, services, or facilities?

In some cases, we may have an office nearby that you can use if you are unable to have a tattoo removal at the same time as our appointments.

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