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Tattoos that have been removed can often return to a normal appearance after they have been reattached. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the body’s natural healing process which will be explained in the next section, but there is a scientific answer.

Exercise is a vital part of tattoo removal, but how much exercise we need to do to make a difference remains unclear. Some studies have shown that daily endurance exercises are an effective way to burn calories and improve overall fitness. However, only studies have shown that these exercises are effective in keeping a damaged tattoo in place. The exact mechanism behind the exercise is unclear, but the theory is that the more physical activity required to remove the tattoo, the longer it will stay in place.

Another study, published in 2007, explored the effectiveness of using an exercise program and diet over 12 weeks to reduce scarring of a tattoo on the lower leg. The researchers compared the use of a program which consisted of lifting weights, swimming, and exercise at a moderate intensity over a 12-week period on the scarring of the area. Although it is obvious that having an active lifestyle is a great thing, it may not have been the most effective way to treat this damaged area. It is likely some types of scarring can be even more detrimental than others.

Another reason not only does exercise need to be done regularly but also to get more time in the sun is vitamin D. Sunlight is believed by many to be the number one way to get your body into the ‘sun tan zone’ where you are at the optimal level of vitamin D production. In the same study, the scarring of the tattoo on the lower leg was significantly higher if the scarring occurred in the early morning when the sun was at its highest. Since the study did not show evidence of vitamin D deficiency, there is some reason to believe this is indeed the case.

Tattoos cannot come off completely or all the way without any sort of physical stress which can leave scars. It is important to remember that there may be other factors that can lead to scarring after a tattoo is removed, even when done by the recommended 10-20 minutes per day. It is also important to mention that if you see any changes of any kind with the tattoo, it is important to contact your doctor.

Can tattoos always come off?

This is a common criticism from patients, but actually the majority of tattoos are just too large to come off completely. If a tattoo is too

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