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Hair oils, waxes and conditioners have been used for several years as a means of enhancing an already dyed or pigmented tattoo (which can be easily washed off with soap and water). Some people find that these products tend to “leach” the color from the tattoo into the air and are not pleasant to wear. Hydrogen peroxide is a mild chemical. The only problem with the product is that it leaves a white residue on the skin. I can’t tell you if this will cause an unpleasant allergic reaction, but I have a friend with a very dark and very deep tattoo but on his arm that was stained by some hydrogen peroxide applied before a couple years of tattooing. It seems that it has completely faded and he wears a black patch on it.

What is the best way to remove a tattoo without causing infection?

Tattoos are very delicate. They are usually very porous. So they should be removed as carefully as possible. I suggest applying a thin layer of rubbing alcohol and then covering the tattoo with an alcohol-based cleanser such as Dr. Bronner’s Earth Essence or Bob’s Bees Honey. The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it is so powerful that it will burn the tattoo into nothingness. So the best option is to do a very dry peel in between treatments. I do this myself every few hours or when I get home from work. But you should also wear gloves and a surgical mask and clean the area well before applying hydrogen peroxide. But you can remove a tattoo without risk of infection by cleaning your hands.

Can I still wear a tattoo?

Tattoos cannot fade and never fade. In fact, they are so strong that they can damage and peel your skin if allowed to stay there for too long while you take them off. For tattoos that get into the body, most people have to leave them on the surface of the skin for several days as the chemicals in the hair are also released during their break-down. If you want to wear a tattoo, it is safest if it is kept on the surface of the skin so that the chemicals can be released and the tattoo is easy to remove as soon as you remove the hair and skin damage.

How long can a tattoo be rubbed out?

It depends on how old the tattoo is. When it comes to older tattoos that have been treated with hydrogen peroxide, the process is similar to the way for removing a burn. If the tattoo has a thin layer of

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