Does laser tattoo removal completely remove? – Tattoo Removal Machine

Laser tattoo removal has to remove all the tattoo marks completely—all the black spots, all the red, and so on. The whole process takes between two and four hours.

Do lasers remove all the laser tattoos?

Easy Steps to Care for Your Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal
No, the removal of the laser tattoos has limits.

What is the maximum thickness my skin will tolerate?

Laser tattoos cannot be removed with thick materials. The laser needs to be applied in the right amount of time so it can be absorbed by the skin.

Do laser tattoos have to be removed in a particular order?

Each patient has different requirements. Some people may prefer it done one piece at a time to help to avoid scarring. Some may prefer having a tattoo removal done in the bathroom after a shower. But we’re happy to give you instructions on each option.

What should people do if it’s too painful?

If you are having difficulties with laser removal please let your health care provider know ahead of time and let them know that it can be painful and you may experience a flare-up or even a rash.

If it’s not enough and you need to take some skin off quickly to avoid scarring or redness, it’s common practice to use a local anesthetic to relieve the pain.

What if I’ve had a tattoo already before?

If you have a tattoo you’ve had a long time before and are having this removed, make sure you ask for a new one at the new appointment and not before as there may be residual ink on the surface. If you are having your tattoo removed within a few months after the surgery it will cause more harm than good.

Can I have a tattoo removal after surgery?

No, laser tattoo removal is the preferred way to remove laser tattoos.

Can I have a tattoo removal after radiation?

If the removal is of the same layer that you had before the radiation (and the skin has not been damaged), please leave the tattoo intact.

Can I expect to have two or more tattoos removed at once?

No, laser tattoo removal tends to cause more harm than good. Laser tattoo removal in combination with another procedure will be more effective and easier to do in smaller spots. When you need to remove more than one tattoo at a time, a surgeon will be in contact with each person and advise the best way to treat them.

Where can I find a local laser tattoo removal nurse?

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