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I’m afraid that it might, but there’s no solid scientific proof to support or refute that statement. Some people swear by it, while others say it can create more damage than good. I say it’s one of those things that you want to know for sure prior to using it, but once you find out, you can go ahead and use it.
I just want a cover-up. Can your laser tattoo removal work ...

I’ve been using lemon juice for almost a week now to remove my skin from the tattoo in question, and the healing has been dramatic. Within a week of using lemon juice I was feeling noticeably less pain and inflammation—and when I went to use my needle to take out the tattoo, it did the job.

While I was using the remedy myself, I spoke with Dr. Michael Smith, who says that he has never encountered such skin reactions before after using lemon juice to remove skin from a tattoo. This isn’t the first case of lemon juice being used to remove a tattoo, and it’s not like he’s the only one experiencing them lately either. As with lots of things these days (including acne and scarring), it’s hard to say exactly why the reactions are occurring.

The only answer I can find on the internet seems to be that lemon juice may remove the pigment or ink from the skin it comes into contact with. This means that if you have a tattoo that requires deep pigmentation or more than a single layer of pigment— like a face tattoo— you’ll be seeing more than just a single strip of hair, a small drop of blood, or more. There will be a lot more color on your skin.

I know that most people are more than happy to let a tattoo go, but that leaves scars. So while I’ve been using the remedy for nearly a week now, the results have been stunning.

To learn more about removing tattoos with herbs and remedies, see Dr. Michael Smith’s website.

How to Do Lemon Juice For a Tattoo: 7 Steps

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