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When you peel the peel of lemon juice, you’ll find that the juice contains a substance called pectin. As a solid, pectin holds a chemical bond with a dye; thus, the skin it adheres to gets a strong red sheen when left to dry. The pectin is also highly soluble in water. As a result, the peel won’t stain or dull your skin the way your usual moisturiser would. Lemon juice also works well as a toner for your skin. If you like lemon, you may add a few drops to your morning toner, but if you’re not a fan of lemon, it might be best to leave it out. If you are a fan of lemon, the best alternative is simply to buy a bottle of lemon juice from your local grocery store or a big supermarket and add it to your body. When you add lemon juice to your skin, you’ll see immediate results.

Crazy, right?

A man wearing a t-shirts that reads: “Piss off your mom”, “Piss off your dad” and ‘Piss off the police’ has caused chaos at Melbourne University.

The man has reportedly been handing out fliers at the university telling students they will no longer have to endure the stress of being subjected to the police.

University of Melbourne media manager Lauren Jones said the fliers were taken down by security staff.

“We’ve been approached by several young people about the flyers and they are all extremely pleased with the attention these fliers have received,” she said.

“The students are obviously a lot more polite now that the event is finished.”

Mr Ritchie said on Twitter that he had no intentions of protesting, and was only handing out flyers.

“I’m just doing an act of protest, I’ll be handing out fliers all day in the morning. I’m not protesting at all…,” he said. #melb — Andrew Jones (@andyjones7) April 9, 2017

“There has been some vandalism of the banners, it is being cleaned up in the morning.”

The student union said on Twitter that many of the posters were taken down at around 9pm and that most students had left so there was not a problem.

“It’ll be the same with all other drugs. If it makes you feel any different, don’t take it…. It’ll

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