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There are a number of ways in which tattoo removal scars can occur. The most common is when there is a skin breakage that leaves large scars that result in temporary scarring or discolouration, especially when the tattoo is very long-lasting.


If you are having your tattoo removed, some form of treatment is always advised. The treatment will be designed to minimise the size of any remaining scarring. There are a couple of different ways to achieve this.

1. A laser

A laser can be used with the patient to remove the tattoo and reduce the size of the scarring. For a complete removal, an incision should be made on the back of the arm. The laser will be used for 30 seconds. If you are having your tattoo removed under general anaesthetic, there will be no use using a laser. However, a laser can be used if used with general anaesthetic, but only when the tattoo is very deep and deep scars are expected. A local anaesthetic may be used to help reduce the severity of the healing process and the risk of pain and damage.

The laser itself is a very powerful laser-based technique that can be used over a short period of time. There can be pain associated with removing a tattoo. There can also be side effects that may occur; this is normal. To minimize any potential complications, the treatment should be followed by a period of rest, so that the skin can heal completely. If you experience discomfort or injury, consult a health professional and/or go to hospital emergency.

2. A special laser treatment

Some surgeons may be qualified to perform treatments that use a special laser or other means of targeting the tattoo in a much more efficient and precise fashion, avoiding any scarring.

In cases where the tattoo has been removed but there remains some residual scarring, the tattoo removal may again be done by a more invasive method (with or without an incision). This is done using special equipment that makes a wide range of cuts, which may leave very deep scars (a “high” scar), or even cause permanent scars (a “low” scar).

Once in this stage (if the tattoo has been removed), the surgery can take many days, depending on the size of the tattoo. During this stage, you will have to remain in hospital until the scar is healed and your skin is healed.
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Because this procedure may take a long period of time (usually weeks), there

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