Does your skin go back to normal after tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Video

Probably not.

The following is an excerpt of a letter which one of my clients received after receiving a tattoo of a dragon on her ankle:

Dear Mark, I read your blog and have been following you for some time. I have been a tattoo artist for 30 years and have never had a problem with scarring, except for possibly during my early years as an artist. I was thinking about getting a dragon tattoo on my ankle. I have a number of tattoos that I do on a daily basis, such as my children’s initials on my ankle, and even my first tattoo that did not require my skin to be scraped off. Since I had a tattoo removal in my left ankle, I thought that this would be an easy fix. However, the tattoo removal made the skin very sensitive and I was in quite a bit of discomfort. Although I was having a lot of pain, I could have easily done the tattoo removal at a professional facility. After all, I do have a master’s degree in applied and skin engineering and they perform a variety of tattoo removal procedures so I can afford a tattoo removal service. But if I cannot afford to do it myself, what can I do? I want you to send an e-mail to the following address and I will forward it to you: Mark V. Reber, M.D. ATTN: Tattoo Removal ( My wife and I are very disappointed with your advice regarding dragon tattoo removal. We love tattoos and had tried several different methods to remove tattoos on our children’s hands and the ink was getting in our flesh, making our skin sensitive. After the tattoo removal, we immediately went to a professional who is experienced with this area, which included removing the scar tissue on the surface of the skin as well as working to minimize the area that is getting the ink. The result was that not only was there no ink remaining in the tattoo skin but no scar tissue to be removed and we were able to remove all of the skin around the tattoo. You can only imagine what the result will be with a dragon tattoo. We now have a clean tattoo. Our son, however, is still in pain and is unable to play with his kids. We will be returning to your website and following every detail of your procedure. Sincerely, (my wife and I would like to leave a note saying thank you!) Please check out my “How To Tattoo a Dragon Tattoo” page, as well as my “How to

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