How can I speed up tattoo removal? – Best Tattoo Removal Laser At Home

1) Choose a medium-density fabric (DDF) that is at least 6″ (15cm) long and 18″ (46cm) wide and choose the appropriate color.

2) Apply a thin coat of the DDF and allow the fabric to dry (usually 20-30 minutes).

3) If you have a small tattoo or have an unbroken skin line (and not a high skin temperature!) use a fine tack (such as the ones for car interiors or medical devices) to remove the ink or remove small chunks of ink with a scalpel.

If you have a large tattoo, use a larger tack (such as a razor blade) or the same adhesive you’re applying the DDF to and use a water-based paste to remove the tattoo.

4) Continue to use your ordinary rubbing alcohol to help hold off the ink, while your tattoo heals, and after about three to five weeks you should be able to remove much of the ink without further use of alcohol. (Note: There will be a small amount of residual ink left on the tattoo once you remove it, but this will fade with time.)

5) After the ink is gone, you should simply dry your tattoo completely.

Is red ink usually better than orange?

No. While red is stronger and lighter, it is more prone to fading than orange. While it will fade with time, it may take months before it fades completely.

What happens in a red tattoo?

In the beginning…

• The tattoo develops from a thick patch at the edge of the skin, called an annulus (or “stretch”), to a thin strip in the inner area under the nail.

• Then, gradually, the tattoo strips are removed, leaving a very thin thin ring that forms the new tattoo line.

• After that, the tattoo becomes covered by scar tissue, much like a normal tattoo.

• After the red ink has faded completely, the red areas will be lighter than the original tattoo area and the scar tissue will become lighter, allowing for a better fit by your skin.

What happens at a green tattoo?

When your tattoo is red, the blue pigment you applied during previous healing becomes darker—the red ink turns a greenish hue. The color can be changed after a few weeks using a product known as anhydrous green. Once the tattoo area heals and becomes more sensitive to sun exposure, the yellow

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