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Do you have a side effect like itching, swelling, or redness?

How long does the irritation last?

How does one remove a tattoo accurately and safely?

What kind of a tattoo removal should I do?

Should I remove my tattoo using a needle?

What about pain?

What are the risks and benefits of tattoo removal?

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Sitting on the front stoop of his brick apartment building on South Kolin Street, in the Bronx, one of the oldest and biggest Jewish-American neighbourhoods in the city, a gentile businessman who spoke to The Observer from the window expressed his views with a mix of pride and frustration.

A few steps down the block, inside a small cafe, the owner was quick to declare his admiration for the community he operates in. “This is a great neighbourhood, and I respect its diversity and its history,” he said. “I can’t imagine living here without it. I want to see how it stays like this.”

In its heyday, with its diverse mix of Jews, African Americans, Italians and Native Americans, Kolin Street is among the oldest and largest Jewish communities in the world – from Europe to India to Iran – and one of the most diverse in America. Yet it is also a largely black neighbourhood – only five per cent of its more than 1,000 residents are white people – and a predominantly minority one. In the last decade, the average age of a Kolin Street resident has jumped to 62, while, in 2001, it was 38.

In his store, Aeschylus Tattoo, a tattooist in New Jersey with eight years’ experience, said he has seen an uptick in customers from the area.

“It’s a good place for tattoos. It’s a good area to have business – I don’t know if it would be a bad place, but it’s definitely nicer,” he said. The area has also become home to a handful of hip-hop musicians, including a trio of Kolin Street artists whose names have been linked with the recent shootings. They include D.I.Y, aka D.I.Y Mothad, a young, bearded, white South African who has a tattoo on both sides of his neck with the phrase “Kigu’Ngol Dere’ch” (“To Die for my City” – the word Kolin

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