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According to G.M, these days, with advanced technology and more refined techniques, they make a fraction of what their predecessors did. Their prices are still high and they often only do some of it.

G.M also points to a study by the University of Utah that estimates the average price of a tattoo removal at $25,000 and says that the cost is likely to grow even higher as patients become more sophisticated:

“Today, this is the most cost efficient type of tattoo removal technology. I can tell you that my patients are able to cut the amount of time and money that it took me to remove a head tattoo, because they have all of their tattoos removed, by this technology.”

Some techs will do the tattoo removal on a single location or around the body in a two-step process. Some are more advanced and are capable of doing extensive tattoo removal over several times.

These services are best found on top brands like EZ Tattoo Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, and more. The best prices are at a time when your tattoo removal is more expensive, whether it be the $25,000 or $20,000, and it’s because you can be sure that your technician is knowledgeable about the techniques you want to use.

Do they make a profit?

Like anywhere in the tattoo industry, whether it’s laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal or piercings, the results are usually cost effective. However, what is the return on investment for many of those with tattoos is based on just how many procedures they do.

At EZ Tattoo Removal, for example, they offer laser tattoo removal which requires a total of 3,000 laser treatments, but, at $100/treatment plus all that has gone in the process, it’s really all for the price.

A tattoo removal technician can make between $1,500+ to $3,000 per tattoo removal procedure, but this is based on the amount of work they do.

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There are some tattoo removal vendors who advertise their services as “free” and claim that they only charge for the process that you do not do. So you are charging for the treatment you did not finish. However, that’s also false.

Tattoo removal technicians will generally recommend at least 3 tattoos and even better – 5 tattoos. If they do not have more than that, you will be paying, even though they say you do not need additional work.

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