Is there a natural way to remove a tattoo? – Tattoo Removal Pen Kit

There is no one-size fits all treatment that will eliminate every tattoo-related problem with a tattoo removal procedure. All of the methods discussed below require a particular skill and education from the doctor. In this article we have put together a few tips on effective and safe tattoo removal so that you could achieve an efficient tattoo removal procedure.

There are many types of tattoo removal procedures at your disposal now. However, the most common techniques used for removal of a tattoo are as follows:

Chemical peel (sometimes referred to as “debridement”) – this involves an iodine solution to remove the tattoo pigment in the skin.


Puncture through the skin with a knife or scalpel

Wounding with a sharp object

Injecting a local anesthetic
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Puncture with a heat gun

Scalpel (aka “drying”)

Gently rubbing the tattoo with alcohol

Other methods of tattoo removal

There are other types of tattoo removal options which allow for the removal of any tattoo. These methods are mainly used for removal of a large tattoo due to its size. These are often used for women, because the procedure does not require a needle and needle are not essential. Other tattoos may have some skin on the tattoo which may require removal which is called “post-tattoo.” These types of tattoo removal have their own unique advantages, and as explained below, we have included many of them below for your further convenience. This article in the next few sections will discuss these other tattoo removal methods.

Infection removal – this can be done either by an injection or a topical cream. The injection method involves an injected chemical solution to remove the tattoo pigment in the skin, which causes the skin to react and release substances that are either used to clean the wound or to cure a wound infection. The tattoo may remain in place with some minor swelling.

Wound healing – also called “pre-tattoo healing”. This involves the removal of the tattoo pigment at the wound site in order to heal the tattoo. The procedure is usually used with the use of a topical cream or a liquid which is applied to the wound site.

Wound infection – this procedure is generally used when a tattoo is located at the site where a wound occurs or where there is an increased risk of infection. This can usually be performed by a combination of the two methods discussed above. In this case, the removal of the

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