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Not if you get the cut first. A laser can break open skin with little to no effort on your part, and a needle can be removed with no permanent scar. However, the risk of infection is significantly greater in any type of tattoo, so always wash between tattoos and do not scratch it after. The skin beneath the tattoo is also likely to be very fragile, and the needle can be painful. For some type of skin, a scar is a definite possibility. Some types of tattoos, like those with raised patterns on a person’s skin, can be very painful to remove. They also have a permanent part in the body, making them somewhat dangerous.

How long will I need to wait before the tattoo fades? Most tattoo removal techniques, in theory, will fade the tattoos within about three months. In reality, the first removal will only take the skin down to just below the tattoo, and the skin will still be somewhat sensitive. After that, the color will fade and the ink will dry completely.

How long must I leave the tattoo in place? It depends on what color is being removed. If the tattoo was designed to be permanent — such as, say, a skull on the back of a man — the skin should be removed after eight weeks. For all other types or styles of tattoos, such as designs, images, symbols or designs, the tattoo shouldn’t be removed after more than eight weeks. Tattoo removal usually takes between five and eight weeks depending on how deeply it needs to be cut and the thickness of the tattoo.

How much will the tattoo cost? In general, the cost of tattoo removal falls between $300-$500 per tattoo, but the best prices are usually available if you know you want the removal service (with online ordering). The average cost of tattoo removal varies with the type of tattoo and a variety of factors, such as the quality of the removal tool used (in the case of laser and needle, they need to be very well-developed so as to remove the entire surface of the tattoo), the area of the tattoo being removed, and whether the tattoo is done on a person’s face or body.

Tattoo Removal Rates

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