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There are many methods that can be used to remove tattoos – a few of these are explained below. However, you may find that this process results in the loss of some skin or scars, especially if you have a large tattoo.

A common method of removing a tattoo is to leave it on until day two or day four, then remove it with a needle or some other needle-like tool.

Some people like to apply ointment to the tattoo.

Some recommend removing the tattoo with cold water or freezing at -20° C or -21° C ( -30° F).

In a minority people, the process of skin peeling is the alternative way of removing a tattoo.

How long does it take?

If you are having surgery, it is important that you inform your surgeon at this stage about any scars you may have. If you are to have a tattoo removed more than once, then you should also be informed about any scarring that you may have.

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In general, removal of scars takes about one week to two weeks, but if you have very thick scars, for example in the chest, you may still need several weeks to a few months to remove them with a needle or other tool. If you are concerned about how long it will take for your scars to disappear, then you should talk to your surgeon about how long it will take to get rid of these problems.

Can I tattoo someone else’s skin if I have a tattoo?

It is illegal in Australia to tattoo without a medical licence. The reason is that tattooing can cause harm to people who are ill, so it is important that the tattooers have all the necessary medical and legal approval. Only people who are clearly qualified as tattooists can carry out permanent tattoos.

Are there health risks?

Tattoos, which are made from living cells, are a form of self-enrichment and can be a source of disease. For example, some tattoos can lead to severe acne, and another problem is that tattoos are often poorly thought through, so sometimes they can lead to complications.

Some people have experienced skin disorders due to tattoos, and have found that if they did not get the treatment they needed they could have become very allergic. The risks involved in tattoo injections are generally pretty much the same as those involved with other types of drug injection, and the risks can be treated before the result is permanent.

A major risk is that a

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