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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the US government ran a program called Project MKULTRA, which conducted the psychological warfare program with unwitting and unwitting scientists who volunteered to participate, and with unwitting and unwitting civilians who went along out of necessity or as compensation for a physical injury. The program resulted in a series of horrific experiments on unwitting and unwitting subjects: The U-2 spy plane, hypnosis, human subjects, and more. And we’ll explore all of these topics in future episodes of In the Dark.


But while many of the subjects reported a great deal of satisfaction following their participation in the mind-control experiments, there were also a few people who expressed anger about the horrors conducted on them in a time and place far different from our own. One of the most vocal critics was Albert Hofmann, the infamous chemist formerly known as the scientist who was at the center of a scandal involving the LSD test kits he used in the late 1960s. Hofmann was asked by the US government to help build an atomic bomb before it had been detonated. However in the early 1950s, he decided the time that was best to explore the feasibility of developing the bomb was to go off the grid and conduct experiments on himself, and on unsuspecting and unknowing volunteers. Hofmann and his assistants collected and kept several thousand human test subjects in a hidden laboratory in a secret location far from the people they were studying. Those who were unwilling or unable to perform physical activities were drugged and placed in mind-control experiments that included hypnosis as well as the use of mind-altering drugs.

It was not always clear as to how such things were done, what the participants were being subjected to, what the outcomes of the experiments were, or how ethical those experiments were. For example one of the experiments Hofmann and his collaborators conducted on subjects was a series of tests meant to help determine whether there was a link between LSD use and schizophrenia. The project’s first participant was a German doctor named Hans Blumenfeld who had been working with LSD for several decades in hopes of discovering a link between the use of LSD and insanity. Unfortunately when he was finished with his work, Blumenfeld had developed schizophrenia – and it was his illness that led to the subsequent experiments. And although the experiments were conducted in a different era, some of them still have echoes of the psychological warfare experiments conducted in

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