What are the easiest tattoos to remove? – Laser Tattoo Removal Machines Lease Deal Crossover

-I had two very easy tattoos removed without scarring or damage. I had all the tattoos removed with a scalpel, and the same with the moleskin. The ones that had more scars, I had to go in with a knife.

-Can you please describe your experiences and the results of your procedures? Do they look good?

-They are very good. There are several tattoo artists that do this type of work, they are called “Tattoo Experts”. They can remove these types of tattoo all day long, and there is no lasting damage. I just have more than 10 tattoos on my head from different tattoos to my ears that were removed with a scalpel. There are also some pictures from different places of my head that were removed in surgery. I am not completely satisfied with the results, they are not very good, but they are very nice, because you don’t need to put it down very often.

-You were also a model. Which did you like best?

-I liked the most the hairless and very thin head I get from a person I met as a model. I really looked like an anime character.

-What is the best tattoo you have worked with your friends?

-I worked with my friends, we were very good in creating our own type of tattoo. They had to do the tattoo with their hands. I had the tattoo done in their head with a scalpel. I liked it because I could get more and more detail into it than my friends when we were both in college.

-Are there any tattoos which can be removed?

-Yes, you can remove the tattoos on your head, that is what I would like to say. However, I have had some people say that if the tattoo was gone it was better. I have had three people ask me if they could do the tattoo themselves, one was actually surprised, the other two said that they would do it if they did it well.

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