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You could clean the tattoos off with alcohol and water. That will do the trick for most, but not all. Some tattoos have a lot of tiny holes in them, which will require a bit more force. You could use a piece of rubber in place of the tip of the pencil. Don’t be in a rush and make sure the tattoo is completely dry before you use the rubber. Some tattoos will only take a couple of coats of wax so be patient and treat the part with the closest tack and let it dry.

In what could be the first such case, US authorities say they have arrested the man they say was behind the death of 17-year-old Shani Mukerji, the teenager with a brain tumour who committed suicide in July in the US state of Virginia.

Mr Thomas J. Burke, 49, was charged with involuntary manslaughter for his alleged role in Ms Mukerji’s death.

During the investigation, they said they arrested Mr Burke using “enhanced and more intrusive means,” and added that his arrest could help them “discredit other people associated with the defendant’s death”.

Mr Burke is being held in the US state’s western Virginia county. It is not clear when he will be extradited.

It is the fifth death that has been linked to the treatment of the US drug, in a country which has long been the world’s leading producer of opioids.

But the death of the teenager by a pill overdose has provoked outrage and drawn national attention away from the drug trade.

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Ms Mukerji’s death in July sparked a media spotlight and an investigation aimed at preventing similar incidents from becoming routine in the US.

The US has the largest population behind bars in the world, with 2.2 million people currently locked up. About half are drug offenders.

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