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Tattooing with tattoo removal laser devices may cause a temporary burning sensation when the device is in use. Side effects of treatment for tattoos may include burning of your hair, skin sores, numbness and pain, sensitivity to heat and light, burning and numbness of the affected area, and pain from the laser. Although the exact number of side effects may vary from patient to patient, many side effects are minor and do not affect quality of life.

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Other side effects may include skin burns, discoloration or bleeding, itching, peeling, redness, or scarring, which may lead some patients to discontinue treatment from their treatment. Some patients may become allergic to certain chemicals in tattoo treatment.

How long will tattoo removal take?

The treatment time depends on the skin area being treated. In many cases, tattoo removal can be completed in as few as 10 minutes. In rare cases, treatment may be terminated after a few hours or the treatment may be halted because of side effects or adverse events. As treatment time varies, it is critical to consult with a dermatologist, who will be able to determine if tattoo removal is medically indicated for you. When choosing a dermatologist to refer you to, consult with the local treatment committee at your local hospital to confirm whether treatment is necessary to correct your skin condition.

How effective is surgery-based tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal laser devices can improve the appearance of your tattoos by removing most of the ink. However, if you have severe facial tattoos, the laser device may be unable to remove all of your tattoos from your face and body. If you are unable to remove all of your tattoos from your face and body, a dermatologist with expertise in tattoos will be recommended or you may choose a surgeon to perform the tattoo removal.

How long will my tattoo removal take?

Once laser surgery is performed on the skin area affected by your tattoos, it will take approximately 6-7 hours to fully remove the tattoos. After the treatment period, your tattoo scars may appear longer than two weeks.

What happens during tattoo removal laser treatment?

After removing all of the ink from your tattoo skin area, you will receive a one-time treatment session. At this time, the tattoo removal device, called a laser, is attached to your skin and the device is placed in motion. The laser device works by generating high-intensity light in a specific area of the surface being treated. As it works, the laser

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