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After laser tattoo removal, your doctor will remove some of the scarring, make sure the ink is sealed and your skin is still clear, then you may return to your original activities.

If your surgeon is not familiar with these operations, it is recommended that you talk to a licensed professional before proceeding. Ask the doctor what tests you have to have and what treatments may need to be done.

You will also need to have a skin biopsy. A skin biopsy is a small sample of the skin to be taken from one area of the body and examined. This sample is usually very small and may have no signs or symptoms, so it is not possible to tell where or with which type of laser a scar or tattoo has been left. However, some doctors feel that a skin biopsy is a vital step.

If there are not symptoms or signs after a skin biopsy or after only a short period of time, you may be offered a scar or tattoo removal procedure. This may be done at a local hospital or the facility where you have completed laser tattoo removal.

If you have an allergy to some of the healing agent used during laser tattoo removal or after laser tattoo removal, it may be necessary to get a skin allergy test, or in rare cases for more aggressive treatments.

This page is intended to contain a general description of the game modes in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. You should not be concerned about understanding the basic details of these game categories. They are provided here for general information on each game mode.

Note: This is a work in progress. Please continue to leave feedback on the forums, or on twitter @StarWarsGalaxy ofHeroics
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Overview of modes


There are three classes in Galaxy of Heroes to begin with: Assault (light infantry), Commando (light cavalry), and Combat Medic. These classes are each unlocked separately, and they are not all compatible with each other. It is possible for all three classes to be played simultaneously with the same character if one is a Hero of any of the three classes.

The Assault, Commando and Combat Medic are the most basic classes in Galaxy of Heroes and each unlock at level 3 and 4 respectively. Each of these classes can be played as many times as desired, although in later levels of the game some classes are also playable as a class.

Combat Medic is the last class unlocked at level 20; the Combat Medic only has one action slot; one action point, and the

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