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The treatment is quite intense and can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the skin to repair itself and regenerate. It should not be treated after an infection occurred which can cause infection.

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CINCINNATI – The NFL isn’t going back to the “no-contact” rule, according to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The league announced that, effective immediately, “no pass plays” in the secondary will be replaced by “non-pass plays and special teams plays.”

It also means no tackling for loss, which the Bengals were banned from doing.

On Wednesday, a league spokesman said only four team executives were aware of the change – including owner Mike Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis.

But the decision came in an email from Mike Pereira to the team’s executives, obtained by the team and reported first by CBS Sports (on Twitter). It follows an announcement to a few coaches that they could no longer play the controversial hit that killed wide receiver Mike Wallace last October.

If the Browns can’t play pass, they should have to play “non-pass plays, special teams, and whatever other non-pass plays they find appropriate.”

Last season, the Bengals became the first team in league history ever to play against both New England and Green Bay in the same week before winning.

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Here’s the full text of Pereira’s email (bold emphasis mine):

The NFLPA has made it clear the ‘no contact’ rules are no longer being enforced at any level of football. Any and all team members involved in blocking will not be called out of play. If a player fails to recognize his defender, he is still in violation of league rule. In the NFL, teams may use any or all of these rules. We have communicated this to our players who have agreed to be accountable. I encourage you to use caution when playing on Monday Night Football against the Steelers. Your team’s play will not be recognized if players are engaging in blocking. Additionally, the league is aware of players playing on weeknight while holding back from tackling on a weekly basis.

“Please allow me to repeat: the rule is no contact in the secondary is being replaced by non-pass plays, special teams, and whatever other non-pass plays the team finds appropriate. This is because the players were not in violation of the rules on offense last year and because the players are so passionate about protecting the integrity

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