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The last time I wrote about the latest “social justice” issue, I mentioned that there was an article in the New Yorker on the phenomenon and the title of which I think is “The Art of the Deal.” The article was by David Remnick, author of the New York Times bestseller The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Serial Murder, and he’s a master of the craft. Remnick’s subject is a famous businessman, who turns out to be deeply uninterested in the issues. After talking the deal over with the man’s lawyer, “A Conversation with O.J.” (which means “it”), the man is able to convince himself that he understands them, even though he, as Remnick puts it in the article, “never had to meet him” nor “had a chance to see him” nor “saw any of the footage.”

Remnick quotes an unnamed woman named “Natalie” who tells him, “I got a chance to see O.J. do whatever he does, and I could not believe what he was capable of.” To Remnick’s credit, he also refers to O.J., the “artistic genius” he describes, as a “psychopath who could have done anything.” He also describes O.J. as wanting to put down the “nasty people” whose lives he destroyed and who “tortured and murdered his victims” and as “lazy, petty, vindictive, and shortsighted.”

As he goes on, Remnick gets closer

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