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If you have scarring caused by repeated infections or skin cancer then you would expect that your skin would be scarred.

However, scars often disappear with time of treatment.

Sometimes, scars cause irritation, which could be a trigger for blistering.

Treatment is to try to stop the bleeding and prevent the blistering from recurring.

What causes skin blistering?

Most skin blisterings result from blood or other tissue from an injury getting in between the skin cells.

The skin may be irritated when it comes into contact with anything. This may lead to the skin being scarred and making it more susceptible to infection.

There are a number of different ways that this can happen.

There is a common cold, but there are a number of other common reasons which cause blistering.

Here are some examples:

You are allergic to a substance (for example, the sun)

You rub your skin and/or skin products on it (this could cause blisters)

An allergic reaction (such as an allergic reaction to a medication)

Pregnancy or a break in your period

If you have an allergy to a specific substance (such as petrol), you may show up with skin irritation when you wear those products. If your skin is constantly inflamed by the product in question, the result can be skin blistering after an application.

If you have scarring that can’t be washed away there may be damage to skin cells which cause blistering.

What is an allergy and how can it be treated?

Allergies are the most common causes for skin blisters. They can be caused by any combination of irritants.

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You may get a skin allergy if you have a reaction to a substance or a skin product. This will include any amount of it or more than usual.

Allergies usually develop over a short period of time, although some people develop skin allergies before birth.

The symptoms of an allergy to substances can be:


a bad hives (this happens after an animal has died)


sweating more than usual

swelling on the lips and face

What causes itching?

Most itchings and skin blisters are caused by something being rubbed against the skin.

When itching occurs, it is often caused by an irritant that is rubbing against the skin.


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