Why does tattoo removal take so long? – Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator

There are a variety of reasons tattoo removal can take a while, including the type of procedure you’ve chosen, the age of the tattooed area, and what your specific skin needs are. But there’s some commonality between many tattoo removal options that we recommend:

What to do before removal

Although your doctor will discuss options of treatment with you before any removal surgery, it’s best for you to take a break and make an appointment with your primary care practitioner (PCP). This will give your doctor and the doctor who’ll do what you’ve been thinking about doing, your complete and frank conversation before treatment begins.

During such a session, you can also ask him or her, how long he or she considers your tattoo removal to be worth. Remember, most of the time, this will be based on your body’s unique characteristics and how you react to the treatment. Also, you’ll want to know how much money the company will pay or be willing to pay from your own pocket. That’s also important if, at some point, your doctor or PCP wants to ask for some medical insurance coverage.

After treatment begins

To speed your recovery and lessen the pain, we always recommend waiting at least a day or two after tattoo removal to take a shower with mild shampoo. You can also skip some treatment and wait to clean your skin entirely for a couple weeks. Afterward, apply moisturizer or lotion daily to keep the scars from coming back.

Sometimes it’s possible to make it through a tattoo removal without scarring. You can also avoid scarring altogether by having your doctor or PCP treat both types of scars, if that’s acceptable to you.

Why your tattoo removal is so bad

Your doctor will probably start off by telling you about the potential risks from tattoo removal:

If you have an allergic reaction to the chemical in a tattoo removal, there’s a good chance you could have an allergic reaction to other products and agents.

If you have a condition called “nicks”, there also is a chance this could result in permanent scars. You’ll need to discuss this with your doctor, especially if you’re also prone to skin allergies.

If you develop lymph node or pituitary gland damage, there’s a very good chance that tattoo removal might cause these complications. This can also lead to permanent scarring, but your doctor will decide if and how to treat you.

There are also other risks to the tattoo removal

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