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Yes. The World Roulette Association, the global governing body for the World Roulette Championship, has organized professional gambling and roulette tournaments for 25 years, in addition to producing the World Roulette Championship. The World Roulette Championship is a multi-player tournament featuring an 8-person team of “champions” (the main event), featuring professional gambler David Blatt. The winner of each tournament receives $10,000; the runner ups – $5000. Professional racers in the World Roulette Championship must provide identification to enter the tournament. In 2012, two international tournaments, one held in the UK and one in Germany, were held within the same country, in the same day, at the same venue, in the same city in the same style (there are also two World Roulette Championships in the U.S., but the two events occur in different locations and are not connected). These tournaments were conducted in conjunction with the professional gambling trade – not the WRA.

Do players and/or players’ teams choose the players they use?

No. Players and teams use any player they choose – that is, it’s a non-exclusive and non-transferable agreement. Players, teams and tournament organizers also agree that the players, teams and tournament organizers have no claims against a player other than that the player is playing to win.

When is the first event?

The first tournament is held in April, 2013 and the first 8-person tournament is held in May, 2013.

Where do I find more information?

The Web site for all tournaments and includes: a list of participating tournaments and teams, including a tournament location map; a search function to identify the location of any tournament or tournament team, the name of a tournament, the title of any tournament, the number of rounds played and a search function to provide information about players’ and teams’ names, photographs, birth dates, telephone numbers or web address, among others.

For more information about the World Roulette Championship please contact World Roulette Association, 865-667-8333, or the WRA, 855-445-6255, or see the official information for the tournament

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What is the entry fee?

All players who qualify must pay $50 for a guaranteed spot in any upcoming tournament, a guaranteed spot in any upcoming tournament with a minimum of 2 participants and a guaranteed

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