Can Roulette make you rich?

A: No. Roulette should have no economic value. If you have a $0 investment in Roulette, you’re better off not using the machine and just using a pencil and paper. Roulette just makes them richer.

Q: Will you do it again?

A: No. If you win roulette, you can keep playing. If the roulette machine doesn’t work, you know what’s in it and you can continue to play.

Q: Can I use your machines in my own casinos?

A: Sure. If you have your own casino and want to provide your employees with a chance to earn some extra cash, we’d be glad to have you use Roulette machines there.

Q: How do I know it’s safe?

A: We have a team of independent auditors that have visited these machines to assure that nothing but good things can come out of playing rouletteā€¦at least for regular players. We’ve used the same procedures in our other casinos. Here are a few of the more important safety precautions:

The roulette wheel is in front of the machine so you won’t try to pull a number by accident.

Make sure the machine has a safety stop in front of it.

Don’t make a sudden turn to avoid the machine’s safety stop.

Don’t try to pull a number by accident, or use the machine where there are no safes and the wheel is in front of the machine. We’ve also had to make these adjustments at our other casinos.

Q: Why aren’t there any safety devices to stop the wheel from rotating if a large number is pulled on a large number of roulette rolls?

A: There are no safety devices. There is no way to prevent the wheel from rotating if you are pulled by many players on many of the roulette rolls. You may not see it, but it happens.

Q: What was the last roulette machine used in my casino?

A: It was probably in the late 1990s at Black Jack Casino in California.

Q: Did you ever use an electric roller at Black Jack or other casinos?

A: No. Electric rolling devices are much safer than the mechanical type.

Q: Do you accept cash cards?

A: Yes.

Q: If anyone asks what kind of roulette you play, don’t answer that. It gives them the idea you