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Yes! They know that you get a lot more play in roulette and they have it in their mind that you would get more play if you got your card, if you took the same number, but the odds that you are going to get your card is much less than you would in real life. In fact, they want to take that number and give it to a random person who they think to be the lucky one, which will give them a higher chance to win in the casino. They say in all the studies, people who are asked whether they would play roulette are willing to bet their money in the casino up to 30% more than a person who doesn’t know that there is a lottery, and in the study done by the research agency, 60% are willing to do that. The most interesting thing is the effect of the casino, which is to get people to get out there and come in and play. So what this kind of system has done is to get us to get in there and participate in a game that has been completely turned on its head. It is the most interesting thing that has happened in the last century in all the games, the greatest game that people have played for all these thousands of years and we are only now beginning to really understand it.

How is this possible?

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There are two things. Number one, the game of roulette and all games of chance are simply random functions of the people who play and so when you change it and you give the people playing in gambling casinos a lot more power, you get a change in their behavior. Number two, the people playing in these casinos want a bigger and bigger incentive to win by doing something where you can make a lot of money. So you have two things going on, what is the effect? By putting the casinos under the gun there is a huge change in what people think is good, and they will not like a change in what they think is good.

How do we know that this is possible? Well, one reason is the history of gambling and where it had been in the USA. When gambling was at an early stage in the USA, there was a lot of gambling and it made money. In New London, Connecticut there had been an organized, well-organized gambling society. It was pretty much a free country and you can get together and have a little gambling and win a lot of money from the people involved. In the late 1880s, and this is a big period for gambling, there was a

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