Can you bet every number in roulette? – Can You Make Money From Online Roulette

Sure you can.” (Dudley)

“No. I bet every number with you. My partner’s name is… Hahaha, now you’ve gone and made a joke out of me, didn’t you?” (Dudley)

“No, that’s not it at all. My partner’s name is… the old man. You know, the real you. That man is a really big deal. He’s the one I fell in love with as a kid.” (Dudley)

“…That’s why you made me help you. It can’t be helped. I think I should thank you properly.”

Dudley nods. When he hears that, a strange energy appears in his chest. What that energy does I don’t know, but if you look at it, it’s pretty cute, to say the least.

“Dudley, look at me. I have no intention of letting you off. Let’s see how you do in a fight next time.” (Sirius)

“Got it, Sirius-sama. It’s been a long time since I’ve fought with a monster.” (Dudley)

“I can’t help it. Your partner seems to be a great opponent. So, I might be able to fight with anyone. In my previous life, no matter what kind of opponent I got up against, there’s nothing I couldn’t take.” (Sirius)

“If that’s the case, I hope I can at least take you back for the time being. I have the ability to summon a monster, so there’s no doubt I would be able to bring out a giant spider from that. …So, what’ll it take for you to let go, Dada-san?” (Dudley)

Dudley lets out a sigh.

“Well, when I thought about it, it might be necessary. If you don’t get me out of this place, I can’t say I’ll let you go. So, I should probably take you back for a couple of years. It would be troublesome if I can’t do it, but it would not be a bother unless the monster attacked from the inside.” (Dudley)

“Understood. I don’t mind.” (Sirius)

“But still, the place is dangerous. I’m also in charge of the monsters, and if there isn’t any other place to go,

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