Can you bet every number in roulette? – Casino Tricks In Hindi

And I bet every number in the casino when I’m there alone?”

I said, “Can you bet the numbers you do on?”

She turned the table.

She turned the table.

She went on, “Can you bet all the numbers you see?”

I said, “Well, I do that.”

I put a number one, three, and six into the pot. I put a number two in. I put a number four in. I put a number six.

And I bet every single number one, three, and six. It took me ten bucks to get the money and my friend could only come up with ten bucks.

We looked at each other, like, “Why don’t you let us bet and find out who won?”

She went, “We’ve already won, haven’t we?”

We laughed and we came across the casino and we called it a day.

The next day she called me, “Come on up. You’re gonna have to play.”

I came home, looked at the numbers I’d been playing on with our neighbor, and I found that she had won an enormous amount of money.

That was all we knew. We didn’t know if she was cheating or just playing by numbers.

As it turned out, she was not cheating, and she was definitely right.

I still go back.

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