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They probably don’t have a lot of roulette tables that they don’t have money to bet — or, frankly, at least not enough money to be in a financial position to bet them. They might have something but a fraction of a million of them that have been removed from the game, and some of them that have been added would still be out there betting something, or might just sit in a chair and watch a big pile of money accumulate. So there are people who will bet a lot. There are other people who will bet nothing at all. But there are lots of people who have no idea that they are doing bad, and it may actually increase the odds of them winning at the casino. And you might want to know why? You know, to understand why, let’s imagine that we have lots of numbers and we have only the two roulette numbers. Well, there’s only one person who has absolutely no chance of beating every single number or even of winning a single one. That person is the lottery operator. He has to get somebody else to bet their money on him. Maybe they have nothing to give, who knows? But somebody else — a lottery operator — is counting on that individual and counting on the lottery tickets being a dollar’s worth of money, a dime’s worth of money, not five bucks’ worth. And, of course, at the heart of the lottery is the notion that the person who really has a chance of beating the numbers has, in this case, won the lottery. Well, I’m going to bet every one of the two roulette numbers I have — let’s suppose — I’m using a thousand dollars. I’m betting on the one that I have the least chance of beating, and, of course, this is just the one that’s given in a particular casino in this particular location. We are going to take a big chunk of a hundred dollars. All we have to do is win this game, which we might be able to do, but we know we are betting our lives right now for ten bucks. The problem for the lottery operator is, how can I make sure that nobody takes my money in a lottery game where nobody will beat me? How do I make sure that I are doing all I can to protect myself from the consequences for my success and my luck? It’s a classic problem, and of course it’s a very simple one. First of all, you have to determine whether or not you feel like cheating. If you feel like that, then you should
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