Can you cheat on roulette? – Hit And Run Roulette Strategy

Yes. You can cheat on Roulette, and we all know it. So, this is no longer a discussion of Roulette or a discussion of cheating on Roulette, I would say. The debate now is, why couldn’t the laws say, “You can cheat on roulette, and I’m sure your kid won’t get caught”? Because, that would be cheating on the market. It would be illegal. Because the market does not provide an incentive to cheat on the roulette. The only incentive is not to cheat. So, no, I wouldn’t mind having more rules on the market. I wouldn’t mind having more regulations, but there isn’t going to be a market here where the state says, “I want it so bad that people are cheating on the roulette.” It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen there.

There’s no way to cheat on roulette. If you want to cheat on roulette, then you better hope that the game is run that way. And if in fact, the game doesn’t run, then you better hope that the players at the table don’t know that the players are cheating. That’s going to be a pretty tough thing to overcome. But if it was not cheating, there is no way to cheat on roulette.

And what the government has been doing — and it has been, what, since the late 1980s, the state of New Jersey, as many other states, has been doing in trying to get away from this gambling. They’ve been trying everything they can do to try to get off it. As far as I know, it’s been a federal law, not a state law. But it seems to be that the way — the way this is going is that the state has been enforcing all of these laws against illegal gambling, and then now there’s this new bill. And I have a feeling that a lot of those people who are supporting this bill, their intent is to have these laws enforced and to use them to get rid of the illegal gambling. It’s a federal law, but it’s being used to get rid of illegal gambling, which they would want to keep. So you’re dealing with a situation in New Jersey which is trying to get rid of it on the state level, which doesn’t seem to be doing any good. I’m a little skeptical that they would care how this is being enforced. I don’t see why they would care how the law is enforced. But you’re

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