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Yes. You can lie on the roulette table twice. You’re more clever than the rest of us!

Do you think you’re capable of doing anything with your life? No. I’ll wait for my chance.

How many people are you married to? Two.

Have you ever been a prisoner? No.
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Have you ever received a letter? No.

Have you ever eaten any food? No.

Who are you? Just a man.

What’s your favorite kind of coffee? No, I don’t drink. I want to quit!

Have you ever been in a war? No.

Do you have any pets? I am not a dog.

Do you ever drink coffee? I drink coffee every day!

Who is your favorite doctor? A doctor with a heart-rate monitor!

Do you watch television? No.

What do you want your birthday certificate to say? I want a cup of coffee!

What do you like best about New York City? Its culture!

Do you like New York City’s weather? Yes. I love it.

What have you done to get in shape? I lost 40 pounds using nothing in the gym.

What kind of man did you marry? A man named Robert. He’s a lawyer, so what could he have done more for me than that?!

Do you like playing golf? Yes.

What kind of person do you marry? A woman named Linda. She’s from another planet…

What’s your pet pet’s name? Binky.

What’re your best memories of NYC? My first job as a stripper!

What city or state do you live in? New Orleans, Texas.

Why are you here? I want to be an astronaut!

If you were stranded in space with no food, water, or clothes, how would you survive? By drinking vodka for 2 months straight while I read the first 10 chapters of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos” before dinner.

What’s your favorite part about NYC? I want to show up in the morning before the subway.

Who’s your biggest hero in NYC? My mother. If my mother and I never meet, I have no idea what would happen. She’s the most amazing woman ever!

How much money would you spend on a suit to go on a space mission?

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