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One of the main things that gets you hooked:

Red or black?

Why the difference?

How do I know if I should bet red or black?

This is the question I asked when I first started playing.

Now I feel much safer in my decision making because I can do a quick check of the numbers to see if the numbers are black and red. If they are, it will be more than a bet.

When you’re playing roulette, there are a few numbers you have to keep in mind: number of balls, number of balls per die, number of balls in the tray to roll, number of balls per die, number of balls in the tray and number of balls per roll.

As you’re rolling the dice, look inside the tray to see if the balls are all in a row or column.

If the tray is empty, it should read “P” or “N” respectively.

If the tray shows three red numbers, you should add one (in the tray) and take four balls off the tray. If it shows only one black number, it should subtract one.

If they have the same number of balls on them, roll the dice.

Check the balls inside the tray of your dice to make sure they’re black and red:

If there’s only one, black, in the tray, the game ends automatically. If two black balls exist and are not black, then the game continues and you choose who goes first with a single red die. If one of them is black, it’s not a straight bet. If more than one is black, then you should add another and take another from the tray. However, if either or both are red it’s a straight bet with the same odds the previous time.

You need to know to which dice are in the tray – red, black, red, black, black etc. This is known as “turns”. There’s no way of telling which one is the right one (if there are 3 red dies, it’s likely to be red).

Red and Black

A number of things affect how fast you can pick a good roll, including:

1. The number of balls inside the tray (as well as the amount of balls at your disposal.)

2. Size of the die (as well as size of the dice.)

(See How to choose a good roll of roulette

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