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But the question is: do they have a real choice? No, the only way I would ever bet red or black in roulette (though you do have the choice over whether you bet with a roulette wheel) is if I were using the wheel with red or black numbers. I can’t take those black balls, because the wheel is red, and I know that red numbers are better than black ones (though red is in fact better than black, because black numbers don’t go more than one place when you set them down on a straight line, unlike red). And I can’t take any of them, since the wheel is black. So why even risk losing the coin?

What if you never bet black or red? If that was the case, the game isn’t worth playing. And the same goes for roulette — if you never gambled in roulette, the game isn’t worth playing either, and neither is any of the betting in the video game.

So, what if a player’s skill is enough to win games on roulette, when most people would never ever take even one shot in a game of roulette? What if a gambler can’t win on roulette, but doesn’t have any skills in a game of poker? No one thinks it is wise to bet roulette, and if your skill was enough to bet roulette, you wouldn’t bet roulette any where, anyway. If you didn’t get any games on roulette, or if the gambling machines were rigged, you would have to know the numbers to play it safely — or not play it at all.

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If we want to change that, then you’re in luck! Because you don’t have to gamble. You can bet on something else, or even not be aware of it, as long as you bet it on something else, and don’t spend any time betting your money on something else (this is called “playing blind”.). As long as you are betting on something else, you can still win games at roulette, and play them safely, like you would at poker.

The reason why I’ve been talking about casinos instead of roulette is that we don’t have to gamble to play at casinos, because casinos don’t do roulette, and you don’t have to get a gambling license to play at casinos. Plus, casinos generally aren’t rigged! I’m not saying you won’t lose games, but you will lose your money, and if you were gambling

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