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Roubault’s wife gave an account of Rouault’s life in his own words to the author of one of her children’s books.

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The two had met at the University of Ottawa; they were classmates in both English and French.

She took him on a trip to France and then to Switzerland in 1894. They then married and in 1897 they moved to Quebec City, where he developed a special interest in the history of the casino, as he had no experience in betting tables.

Roubault’s wife described the marriage, which lasted until her death in 1913:

“I met him at the University of Ottawa… I gave my name in recognition of all the people who had supported me during my first months in Quebec in the hopes that I would get a foothold in the gambling business, which, like all others, was a difficult and unpleasant undertaking at the time it appeared to me that I had the best chance, even with her advice… I had only the courage to tell him that the woman he would marry should not be a gambler herself but should have the same type of intellect and character as he. I told him this, and he understood it. I asked him if he would not prefer his wife to be a gambler, and he laughed, and with that, he said yes.”

Her husband worked for a time as a stock salesman. Then he came to Montreal.

He spent two years in the St. Lawrence River Casino there, then went to a branch of C. M. Cotte.

He was introduced to Roubault by the director, Charles F. De Courcelles, after Cotte made him a vice-president.

Cotte, now deceased, was another man of considerable influence. In 1864, he was president of the Club de Chartreuse, a society devoted to women and to the promotion of the profession in Montreal (credited in its annual report to the “Gentleman’s Club of Canada”); in 1875 he received the Legion d’Honneur, the highest honour bestowed by the French Legionnaires. Roubault’s wife says de Courcelles gave him the idea of the new game, and he became the first permanent proprietor.

Roubault’s first known game was called “bets et betes” in 1904.

An excerpt from Rouault’s autobiography: “He was able to make roulette work, by keeping to

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