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I think they do. But then it also becomes an exercise in self-delusion, a self-parody of itself to think that you know the difference between a professional gambler versus a professional gambler. You can win, you can lose, they share the same amount of money. They might have different strategies and strategies which are different from one another — but you can’t tell how much the two are going to be worth. We do an enormous amount of gambling, even though it’s really a small industry, and so we have a lot of professional gamblers. When I go to Vegas now or when I go on this, I can tell you that I am going to win some money, I have a great time.

It’s an addiction. It’s a compulsion. It’s a compulsive behavior that I will probably continue to indulge in. I am also trying to stop gambling on the side. But there are people out there who will just play, as if it wasn’t an issue.

Crazy Clowns are an elusive group of psychical creatures that have claimed as many lives as members of The Clowns organization.

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One of the most recent incidents involved several of these creatures making an appearance in a town called Clownsville, and a few escaped and fled the area en masse. The group included the crazy clown who caused the panic, the Crazy Dummy who was the most common and also the best-looking of them all, and the crazy clown who appeared to be a human child, whose appearance made him look more menacing instead of being cute.

In one incident, these clowns apparently managed to kidnap two young children, only for one of them to turn out to be real. However, the other one disappeared before they could find her. The other two were found in a house the family owned, which led to it being assumed that their owners were crazy, and in actuality, the other children were possessed.

When looking at the bodies of the two children, the first would be wearing a clown suit with glowing eyes, and the second would be wearing a black suit without glasses. The latter would be found in a pool of blood.

While one of the children in this case was killed, it is unknown if the clowns kidnapped another child after the murder, and it’s entirely possible that the two children in the first case were part of a ritual.

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