Do professional gamblers exist? – Most Successful Roulette Strategy

They shouldn’t. That’s just what the casinos would like them to believe, because that allows them a leg up in the illegal gambling space. The gamblers aren’t there in droves to make the game any better, they’re there for the thrill of making some money, and the thrill of finding another casino that is making it even cheaper to bet. That’s why they can afford to have the game so big, it’s all they want.

What about the casinos’ ability to make money? It may be more realistic to talk about the casinos’ ability to make their money. The casino doesn’t do anything wrong by providing its players better game conditions and other advantages. If players wanted those advantages, what would they do if they could just go to one of the casinos? Wouldn’t those players go to one of the casinos right then and there and leave the game they’ve been playing all day? Those casinos are in the dark ages of gaming, but the same gamblers are willing to put up with those conditions in casinos so that they can gamble again the next day. They don’t like what they’re willing to put up with, and they wouldn’t mind going there every night.

In the end, gambling is a human behavior designed to provide a constant reward to the gambler. It’s an addiction with many downsides, but it keeps the addicts hooked on a very real product. The casino keeps them hooked on some pretty nasty things. I’ll try to convince you later that gambling is a lot like a drug addict. There’s no telling what could happen if you stop playing a game.

* * *

Okay, so after all of that, my point from here on out has been to explain that I don’t really think it makes any sense to call it gambling. I think the term is a misnomer. It’s not about finding that particular “edge” that casinos provide to gamblers; they provide it to gamblers for the same reason that a lot of other types of gambling are provided—fun and excitement. The problem is that in modern times so many casino games are designed to provide that same game experience that they’ve given up the thrill to play them and have become a farce. Some casino games even seem designed to discourage players from leaving—or at least make them uncomfortable.

In order for it to be called gambling, it has to be a game meant to provide a constant thrill for the gambler. The problem with that is that most poker games aren

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