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This table shows you the payouts for the top three bets on Roulette, on a scale from 10 to 1 (0-1 and 10-1 are also possible). If 0 bets are placed on Roulette, then the total payout is the same, except for a higher cost per bet. If you are on a budget and are only paying for one roulette card, then it is reasonable to use one of the two lowest bet sizes so that there are more than 5 free bets available at the end of the session. (Note that the cost for a free bet is dependent on the size of the bet.) For more about this topic, see The Best Betting Strategy For Roulette .

How many times can I use roulette in a session?

You can take up to four tries in one session.

Do I need any other software for playing roulette?

No other software is needed other than the one available in the casinos – the casino software for both roulette and blackjack and the casino site or software that controls roulette.

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Is there something specific about roulette that I did to start it?

No – even if you play roulette at the casino, or if you pay a roulette player to play at the casino, roulette is essentially automatic. You can play anything else; it just works. You just must remember that one or all of the following points apply: A player who can win two or more times in a session is not eligible to play one more time and is not allowed to bet more than $10.000.00. Anyone on the Internet may play a player’s games and win two or more times; in that case a player may place a bet or have a player play for an additional $1000.00. Players who are not eligible to play longer are permitted to pay a player up to $10.000.00. A player who has won $5.000.00 or more since the previous session is allowed to play a final $500.00 to finish. However, only one player at a time can play a final bet or play in a player’s games. Roulette is a cash-game game, not a slot/blackjack type game as a slot can carry a total cost of up to six million dollars or more. Roulette games cannot be played with an envelope of cash. This could be problematic if the player cannot afford the risk involved because he may not be able to pay any more than his initial

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