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I haven’t been in Russian roulette, but I’ve heard lots about Russians doing it.”

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If you have seen The Night Before Christmas, there is an obvious reference. Here’s what the character of Santa Claus, Rudolph, who is played by Tom Hanks, looks like:

For his part, Trump has said he would not interfere with Russian interference in the U.S. Election. But he hasn’t ruled out what might be happening in the months ahead:

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Sarika is a recurring enemy from The Legend of Zelda series. He is a green lizard whose armor and skin is transparent, and has a single red eye, which allows him to see invisible objects. Sarika is encountered in the Temple of Time and the Ruined Temple.

As a child, Sarika was raised by her guardian, a giant, black snake named Tepa, who taught her all there was to know including the meaning of death. One day, Sarika saw three young men on the street, who she thought were her brothers, and wanted to play with them. But Tepa turned her away and, instead, brought her to a dark room and gave her the task of returning him safely to his cage. To test Sarika’s loyalty, she told the boys that she wanted to play with them once more. However, upon returning, she was confronted by Tepa, who caught her by her hand and told her to play again with the three young men. After playing with them once more, Tepa released her and told her that the only way for her to go back to her cage was to kill one of them.

When the first of these three young men was slain, his head was thrown into the lava below. Despite her desire to continue to play with the boys, Sarika’s decision, and the killing of one of them, led to her being turned into a lizard—the origin of her name.

Characteristics [ edit ]

As a small lizard, Sarika has a small body, which is similar to that of a lizard from the series. She has black scales on her back, a white eye, and a single red eye on the front of her head. Sarika wears translucent armor made of a substance resembling spider silk and has a transparent skin. Like most lizard-like enemies, Sarika can fire three small purple beams of light.

While playing, Sarika wears her armor at a fixed location. During battles

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