Has anyone died Russian roulette? – Online Roulette Wheel Layout Card

— @mister_sparrow

@mister_sparrow This is going to be one hell of a video. You deserve it! — Andrew M.

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We will need a lot of people to go along to the roulette. — @d_peters

I’m not sure if any Russian roulette machines still work in our city, but if i found one, i won’t get out until I see a dead pig, i’ve seen one of them go down before. — @shawn_bruce

@mister_sparrow Russian roulette is a joke in this country. If the machine makes someone nervous, he will run right away, there will be nothing for him to do. — @johnwilkins

I hope everyone enjoys @kajuuska_video’s video. We’ll need a lot of people to go along to roulette. pic.twitter.com/3Yp7cq8RjI — @shawn_bruce

@mister_sparrow How cool is that? Russian roulette really is like Russian Roulette! pic.twitter.com/3HdzJw9c4w — Dr. John

@mister_sparrow What’s the worst that could happen? I’m going out to play Russian roulette this evening. — @breefiec

Russia’s “rude roulette.” Russian roulette is more efficient than a Swiss Army Knife, and there’s no need for a weapon. pic.twitter.com/nI8bXgJf8g — @cassandra_lewis

@mister_sparrow Russians don’t use roulette very often, but it’s an important part of Russian culture. — @cassandra_lewis

@mister_sparrow There were not many people there, but I bet when I play roulette, I get more people. — @cassandra_lewis

@mister_sparrow Russian roulette is more fun than the Swiss army knife, and a little more fun. — @d_peters

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